Keeping Your AC Unit Protected in the Fall/Winter

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–As the summer months wind down, it is a much needed heat break for all of us – including your AC unit. As winter around you’ll likely be using your AC unit less and less but be sure to maintain your AC unit through the Fall and Winter so it can be ready for action in the Spring. Regularly maintaining your AC unit is a proven way to help you extend its life – saving you money in the long-run on costly repair fees.

Keep these simple maintenance tips in mind to properly maintain your AC unit in the coming months. Always remember, if your AC unit is not running as efficiently as you’d like call us at Cristal Air and Emergency Service for an Air Conditioning Repair Paso Robles style – quick and affordable.

• Clean and replace AC filters – this is one of the most important things you can do to keep your AC unit in top shape. Over time dirt and dust clog the filters blocking sufficient airflow and leading to cool but dirty air entering into your home. If you’re not sure how to replace your filters or even where they are, no problem our Air Conditioning Repair Paso Robles’ crew can come out and assist you in getting your unit Fall/Winter ready!

• Clean the AC coils – like the AC filters the condenser and evaporator coils will attract lots of dirt too. If your filters are dirty, it is very likely that the coils are as well. Too much dirt on the coils will reduce airflow from your unit and hamper your AC unit’s ability to absorb heat. To stay cool and prevent an even bigger issue, make sure your condenser and evaporator coils are cleaned at least once a year.

• Get rid of dirt and debris near your AC unit – You may not be able to keep your AC unit spotless, since it is likely outside, but you can take some very practical steps to keep large debris from getting sucked into your unit. Clear away falling leaves, grass clippings, paper, and any other trash-like items that may be near your unit. This also includes keeping plants and trees near your unit properly trimmed and at least two feet from any coils or filters.
Before the cold weather really hits, consider moving mobile AC units indoors or covering fixed units to prevent them from being completely exposed to the elements. If you are ever in doubt about the proper way to maintain your unit, make a call to an HVAC professional.

At Cristal Air & Emergency Service we are your go-to emergency air conditioning repair Paso Robles’ experts! We’d also be happy to conduct routine maintenance on your unit now to make sure it can weather the Fall & Winter and keep you cool next Spring & Summer.