4 ways to reduce the cost of in-home heating

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–The approaching fall brings a chill to homeowners and families all across the country as the load taken from your wallet increases. Heating can take a huge toll on one’s wallet, and can drive the energy bill through the roof. Typically, 56-percent of the average energy bill can be accounted for by heating and cooling according to the Department of Energy.

Accordingly, home insurance companies also take a major hit from the annual 54,000+ home fires, a third of which are caused by heater-related incidents and result in nearly 190 deaths, 600 injuries, and 280 million dollars in property loss.

Paso Robles heater repair experts Cristal Air & Emergency Service bring you these six tips to reduce heating costs.

1. Insulation is your best friend. Insulation is the best protection a home has against the chill of winter. It can minimize heat transfer as well as provide ventilation to control moisture and make one’s home more livable. Bringing your insulation up to code for your region is the most effective way to cold-proof your home.

2. Dial back your hot water settings. According to the Paso Robles heater repair experts, water heaters account for 14 to 25 percent of the average energy bill; no surprise considering water heaters are on 24/7. Generally, they’re factory set at 140 degrees Fahrenheit, but by reducing it to 120 degrees Fahrenheit you can save 6 to 10-percent on your water heating costs.

3. Double pane windows trap heat, single pane let it go. The most common means of losing heat are the ones least thought about. In most cases, old-fashioned single pane windows are the culprit. Modern double pane thermal windows trap the heat by inserting dead-air space between panes which is a poor conductor. Single pane windows, on the other hand, often times lose more heat than they keep in, so investing in newer windows may save a bunch on the energy bill.

4. Don’t let the heat escape through your chimney, invest in glass fireplace doors. A chimney can be a costly asset when you’re trying to keep heat in. Many overlook the air that flows upwards and out through it, but even if your chimney has a functioning damper, it’s unlikely to be air tight. Since chimney caps can be a hassle and masonry retrofits can be costly, most homeowners opt for glass fireplace doors.

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