Autumn is the perfect time for AC maintenance

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–When it comes to Atascadero air conditioning repair, it’s important to keep in mind the seasons and the affect of seasonal changes on any apparatus. For instance, it will soon be autumn, so, why worry about air conditioning now that summer is over, right? You won’t need to use the system again until the weather gets hot again next year, so turn it off, cover it up and don’t worry about it; could that be it? That would be a likely assumption; however, it is a false one.

At the change of the seasons, regardless of the system, heating or air, is exactly when home cooling/heating systems should be checked. After a summer of blasting cool air into your home, and with no repercussions to speak of, other than the stress the machine has had to endure for months of pumping out cool air, it may seem the air conditioning system is in perfect working order. However, neglecting a good going over of the air-conditioning unit with a fine-toothed-comb could mean a faulty system for the next summer season.

There are many elements to consider when retiring a seasonal system. Cleaning is crucial to keeping all systems in sound running order. The end of a season is a great time to check for anything that might need remedying by way of Atascadero air conditioning repair. Checking on the appliance for minor repairs is a must, particularly at the end of seasonal use, before the machine has been turned off for the year.

Scheduling a time for Cristal Air & Emergency Service to come and clean the mechanism is the perfect time to check for minor repairs. Regular cleaning is a must. There isn’t a machine on the planet that doesn’t need regular cleaning, from a human being to a car engine to an air conditioner. Everything runs better on clean cylinders. But, like any machine that sits season after season with little to no use, little fractions of impairment can turn into larger and more costly ones. Dirt and dust settle in. Even mice and rats will find the way into the belly of an air-conditioner and make a home of it, if left neglected.

Atascadero air conditioning repair, after a good cleaning, will hopefully be at a minimal, if any repair is needed at all. All mechanical blemishes can be revealed through proper cleaning and whatever Atascadero air conditioning repair is needed, it will easily be spotted and treated. In anything mechanical, there are certain parts that tend to take on more wear and tear than others.

Here are a few:
• Condenser coil: This coil is where the refrigerant charge condenses and releases heat to the outdoors while promoting cool air into the home or building. If it has built up grease and filth over summer usage – or longer – the unit fights to discharge the hot and cold proportionately, thereby causing the system to overheat. As a result, cooling wanes and the expected cool air has been choked into less than adequate production, not to mention the “cool” air blowing into the room is now almost warm. The coil is a part of the system that needs cleaning every year. Lacking cleaning, it will fail completely; then, it must be replaced with a brand new coil. A simple, well-timed, regularly scheduled cleaning will save you money and headaches. Consider that though there are parts of an air conditioning system that can be replaced by the common person, we recommend the coil be cleaned and/or replaced by a licensed Cristal Air & Emergency Service technician, as it is a rather complicated piece of equipment to reach.

• Ventilation: Do you know what your air conditioning system relies on most of all in order to produce quality clean, cold air? Ventilation. Ventilation in the air conditioning unit is what provides clean and fresh air. Without it, contaminants infiltrate the air and are capable of causing health issues. Make certain the ventilation system in your Atascadero air conditioning repair is checked, cleaned, and if needed, repaired. Without a clean ventilation system, the air you’re breathing isn’t.

• Filters: Every air conditioning system has filters and every air conditioner has a filter in line to the evaporator coil, either in the duct system or in the grille, depending on the system. As might be determined, the filter also removes particles from the air, keeping the belched air to the home or business fresh; however, the filter has duo functions, and also collects unwanted particles to keep the actual air conditioning unit clean. Clean filters equals clean unit equals clean air, for people and the machine. Filters need to be changed.

• Ducts: Duct leakages happen. Homeowners and business owners don’t always know the reason the machine isn’t spitting out cold air. Why isn’t the air as cold as it should be? It might be because of a leak in the ducts. This is another part of the machine that, with regular cleaning, will last longer than without.

• Compressor: If the compressor is struggling, you’ll recognize the sound immediately when you hear it, and it means the compressor is drawing too much power to begin its cooling cycle. Odd compressor noises, or the unit taking unusually long to bring on cold air, can mean compressor problems. There is a mechanism called a “hard-start kit” that can be attached to the compressor, temporarily omitting the problem. You should talk to a Cristal Air & Emergency Service technician to discuss options, if your compressor is acting up.

These are only some of the things to keep an eye and an ear out for. Repairs caught at beginning stages are far less costly than those that go unattended for an extended period of time. Scheduled cleanings always keep an air conditioning system running at top-notch, and scheduled cleanings typically reveal small repairs that can be done at lesser costs than before they blow up into seemingly insurmountable pains-in-the-neck.

Call Cristal Air & Emergency Service before turning off your air-conditioning for the summer. Save time, energy, and money by having one of our technicians clear the air for you and your air conditioning system. Tackle the small problems before they get too big.

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