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No Comments on 5 Handy Tips to Prepare for Winter Heating Needs

Cristal Air & Emergency Service provides key insights into how residents of Paso Robles can stay warm on those cold winter nights and early foggy mornings, when you most need your central heat to be working for you. Cristal is available five days a week, as well as nights and weekends for emergency service. Be sure to follow these simple tips as we go into winter:


During the day, open the curtains on your south-facing windows to allow sun...

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No Comments on Autumn is the perfect time for AC maintenance

–When it comes to Atascadero air conditioning repair, it’s important to keep in mind the seasons and the affect of seasonal changes on any apparatus...

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No Comments on Paso Robles heater repair specialists issue report on heater safety

–Fall is just around the corner, and with the temperatures expected to decline, many people are making calls to have heaters installed in their households. Heaters can be very useful in any household, but as with everything, there are always precautions to be taken.

Heating equipment is a leading cause of house fire deaths; almost half of home heating equipment fires take place during the months of December, January, and February. Today, Paso Robles heater re...

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No Comments on 4 ways to reduce the cost of in-home heating

–The approaching fall brings a chill to homeowners and families all across the country as the load taken from your wallet increases. Heating can take a huge toll on one’s wallet, and can drive the energy bill through the roof. Typically, 56-percent of the average energy bill can be accounted for by heating and cooling according to the Department of Energy.

Accordingly, home insurance companies also take a major hit from the annual 54,000+ home fires, a thir...

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Atascadero Heater Repair
No Comments on Why choose Cristal Air & Emergency Service?

We are Cristal Air & Emergency Service, Atascadero Heater Repair experts and the leaders in commercial and residential heating, maintenance, and air conditioning. We service the entire county of San Luis Obispo with 24 hour emergency service, Paso Robles, Atascadero, Templeton, SLO, we cover every city! We even service mobile homes with sales, installations, and maintenance.
We offer a broad spectrum of services to suit all of your Atascadero Heater Repair needs!

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–Air conditioner repair can be incredibly expensive when one has to call in an expert. Sure, there are always times when a costly repair is inevitable, but why not try troubleshooting with the advice of trained professionals first?

Often times the problem is something that can be easily fixed...

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Comments Off on Keeping Your AC Unit Protected in the Fall/Winter

–As the summer months wind down, it is a much needed heat break for all of us – including your AC unit. As winter around you’ll likely be using your AC unit less and less but be sure to maintain your AC unit through the Fall and Winter so it can be ready for action in the Spring. Regularly maintaining your AC unit is a proven way to help you extend its life – saving you money in the long-run on costly repair fees.

Keep these simple maintenance tips in min...

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Comments Off on Tips to reduce air conditioning and heating costs

The typical American household produces twice the amount of greenhouse gas emissions as the average car, largely due to the energy costs tagged to heating and cooling services.

What costs energy generally costs money as well. For this reason, many people should be looking for ways to cut the usage and price tag on their energy bill...

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Comments Off on How to prolong the life of your AC unit

When the heat of the Central Coast hits, you want to be ready with an air conditioning unit that is working at its best. On average, most air conditioners last approximately 13 to 15 years. Having to replace an air conditioning unit before it is time can be expensive. You can take several steps to prolong the life of your air conditioning unit – saving you money in the long-run.

  1. Clean the condenser – The condenser often sits outside of the house...
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Summer cooling

As the temperatures rises outside this summer, the temperature in your home doesn’t have to. Here Cristal Air and Emergency Service Paso Robles air conditioning repair experts share nine ways to keep the home cool this summer:

• Capture that cold air: Keep the home airtight during the day, and then open the windows during the night.

• Air conditioning repair: Make sure that the air conditioning unit is working properly...

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