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Atascadero Heater Repair expert Cristal Air is the best choice for heating and air conditioning services on the Central Coast. We serve Atascadero, North County and all of San Luis Obispo County.

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Boasting over 35 years of experience in the industry, Cristal Air has what it takes to complete every job, big or small.




Cristal Air offers the following services:

  • Atascadero installation
  • Atascadero inspections
  • Atascadero maintenance
  • Atascadero replacement
  • Atascadero repair
  • Atascadero walk in freezers
  • Atascadero walk in coolers
  • Atascadero evaporative coolers
  • Atascadero reach-ins
  • Atascadero heating installation
  • Atascadero heating repair
  • Atascadero heating replacement
  • Atascadero ice machines
  • Atascadero air conditioning installation
  • Atascadero air conditioning repair
  • Atascadero air conditioning replacement

And more!

Here on the beautiful Central Coast, the weather can range from below freezing to over 100 degrees from winter to summer. Cristal Air believes that you have the right to stay comfortable in your own home no matter what the weather may be like outside your door.

Cristal Air offers 24-hour emergency response, insuring that your heating or cooling emergency is dealt with swiftly and professionally.



Atascadero is a town of about 23,000 people within the county of San Luis Obispo. It’s name is Spanish translates to, “bog” or, “to become stuck,” and in Chumash, the word loosely translates into “a place of much water.” Because Atascadero sits inland than other cities in the county, it typically experiences warmer weather.

E. G. Lewis, a magazine publisher from the East Coast, founded Atascadero in 1913. His plan was to create a utopian, planned colony. Lewis employed farmers, engineers and city planners to develop the colony, which had an original projected population of 30,000 people. He had farmers plant thousands of acres of orchards, and paid for a road to be constructed that connected Atascadero with the coast, (now Highway 41).

Atascadero is located at 35.4842° N, 120.6725° W.


Useful resources:

Atascadero Chamber of Commerce

City of Atascadero

County of San Luis Obispo


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